5 Ways to Prepare for the Cold and Flu Season

As we are entering the new school year and the hottest part of the SoCal year, it’s odd to think that the cold and flu season starts now. But it does. If you are currently taking a customized formula from me, you already have a better than average chance of not getting sick.

Here are some ways to prepare yourself for in advance to avoid or shorten a cold or flu attack.

Elderberry extract. Those little old ladies that sipped Elderberry wine for medicinal purposes were on to something. Elderberry inhibits a virus’s ability to replicate. So if it is in your system before or at the same time as a virus first enters, you have a good chance of avoiding getting sick. It also tastes good (it is a berry!) and it’s easy to use with a child. You could take it all the time, but I recommend using this as soon as you notice somebody around you is sick. When my son was little, as soon as I heard a child sneeze in his vicinity, out came the Elderberry.

You will want to get an extract for higher concentrations of the good stuff and I’ve found that pill form works better than syrup unless you are dealing with a child. Gaia Black Elderberry is good BUT my hands-down favorite is New Chapter Immune Take Care. New Chapter is what I used and for my kiddo. I would open the gel cap into a cup of bubbly water and he thought he was drinking a berry soda.

Emergen-C Fizzy Drink. Definitely old-school but a large dose, 1000 mg Vit C with Zinc or with Additional B vitamins definitely can give your immune system some ammunition. Drink it warm to help the body absorb better. And with kids again it tastes good.

Use a light jacket or scarf to keep warm. Warning you to keep warm in summer temperatures sounds crazy but going back and forth from summer heat to intense air conditioning can cause a sudden chill. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this can cause a glitch in your immune system and an opportunity for a bug to get the upper hand. Most important is the neck when you feel that chill on your neck -- cover it.

Get plenty of sleep. TCM stresses the importance of “regular life.” This means having a regular mealtimes, worktimes and bedtimes. We all do better with routines, not just children. Having a regular bedtime will help your establish dependable sleep patterns that will keep your immune system strong.

Schedule an appointment. If you know you’re rundown and overstressed, see me for some maintenance care and a custom formula to boost your whole system and increase your tolerance to stress.

If boosting with the vitamins and using the elderberry as a barrier does not keep you feeling tip-top, it’s time to go to you TCM remedies. Your at-home cabinet should have the following:

  • Yin Chao – this is the formula for colds that begin with a sore throat

  • Gao Mao Ling – this is the formula for colds/flus that begin with an achiness in the skin and muscles

  • Hou Xiang – this is the formula for “sudden turmoil disorder,” when the contents of your GI tract are exiting using one or both exits

You can find these online or ask me next time you come in for an appointment.

Disclaimer: Please remember any signs or symptoms that are severe or last longer than two days without improvement should be evaluated by a medical professional.

Podcast Launch: The Five Bodies

I have a podcast! I'm so excited to share news that I have launched a podcast: "The Five Bodies."

My hope is to inspire you to look at yourself and the world in a new way. I will be sharing new ideas on old wisdom regarding life, health and human potential, using my knowledge and interest in global cultures, philosophies, and spiritual practices. Link in profile for the first episode.

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New Workshop: Journey to Joy

We’re all born joyful, excited about life, and eager to engage with it — and, somewhere along the way, we lose that.

Last year, I began the process of finding a way to get that back for myself and ended up putting together a workshop, "Journey to Joy: An Adventure in Self-Discovery." After a beta test run, I'm offering the workshop again in June. There will be meditation, movement, and a shamanic journey that will help you pave the way to creating a roadmap for the next 100 days that is both simple and profound. The June workshop is on Sunday, June 23, 11 am-2 pm in Santa Monica. More details and information about the workshop here.

Case Study: PMDD Treated in Collaboration with Local Acupuncturist

Donna - A Case of PMDD

Donna was an elite athlete as a youth with all the discipline, physical and mental strength that comes with competing at the national/international level.  She competed between the ages of 11 – 22.  Her cycles began at 11-12 years of age and she reported they were difficult and painful from the start.

When she contacted me she had been suffering and diagnosed with PMDD for about 25 years; she had first noticed issues in her mid-teens to early-twenties.  She had never found anything that lessened her symptoms despite trying many medical treatments and they had been worsening as the years passed.  

Donna had a history of chronic TMJ from her early teens and had a severe Kidney infection while in 4th grade. At 34 years old she had been diagnosed with sciatica and told she had arthritis in an extra vertebrae in her back.  At 49 years of age she was hospitalized with anemia, severe iron deficiency and a viral infection in her heart.  At this point she realized her years of pushing through the PMDD were done and she took a break from the daily routine that had worn her down.

Donna’s weight yo-yoed over the years, and she seemed to get progressively heavier since the chronic back pain.

 When she contacted me Donna was 51 years old, 5’9” and 275 pounds.  She took no medications and only a few supplements.  She diligently saw an acupuncturist and had taken herbs he prescribed but after several years her symptoms were not improving and they seemed to be unable to find the right remedy.

Donna’s true nature was one of great awareness and perseverance so she carried on looking for a solution. She finally found me online and asked if I would work in tandem with her local acupuncturist as she was too distant to see me in my office.

Her intake form revealed a daily struggle with fatigue, excessive hunger, both falling asleep and staying asleep.  Her other symptoms included palpitations while at rest, moderately thick white phlegm, urgent daytime urination, frequent urination during her menses, water retention, bowel movements that varied from loose to constipated, night sweats and digestive issues that included, belching, bloating, gas.

She described herself as having “one good week” out of the month, the week after her period.  That week the above issues would decrease in intensity to levels where she could function and get things done.  The two weeks prior to her menses her symptoms listed above would intensify and her emotional state would careen from intense rage to severe depression and anxiety.  The physical pain in her breasts and back would become severe.

Her actual week of menses was a peak pain experience with intense cramping, intermittent heavy bleeding and the passing of large clots.  Donna would take 16 Extra Strength Advil daily during her menses to manage the pain.  As her physical state reached unbearable levels, her emotional/mental state dropped into a dark, deep sense of hopelessness.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Perspective

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) we diagnose patterns of dysfunction using our own peculiar professional language.  It is a Systems approach meaning the natural scientist and physicians who developed it were focused on understanding how loss of function or balance in one part of the body would affect the whole system.   TCM is a Holistic medical approach with possibly 4000 years of use and definitely 2000 years of clinical records.

As I’ve written elsewhere a chronic, severe and complex case like this falls into the category of a Knotty or Knotted Disease.  This is because a pattern or dysfunction or disharmony in one body system will always over time push other physical systems out of balance.  As the body cascades deeper into dysfunction it attempts to self correct but when too many systems are not functioning well and the body’s attempts only make things worse.

Recently science has proven the Mind/Body connection as fact, however in Chinese Medicine there has never been a separation between the Body/Mind or Spirit.  Therefore from my perspective the intense emotional/mental states in PMDD are not only unavoidable they are to be expected given the state of the body.

 With all the information gathered during our Facetime “office visit” and a photograph of her tongue I was able to create a Chinese diagnosis for Donna.  Her local acupuncturist was open to my input so I was also able suggest a slight shift in his treatment approach.

TCM Diagnosis was severe deficiency of the Vital Substances: Qi, Blood, Yin and Yang, with Damp Accumulation, and Blood Stagnation. 

For TCM practitioners: If you find all the vital substances are deficient you will need to address the following patterns: Liver Qi Stagnation, Spleen Qi Deficiency, Lung Qi Deficiency, Heart Qi and Blood Deficiency, and Kd Yin and Yang Deficiency.  

In this case as with other chronic Knotted Diseases every phase of the Shen/Ko system is out of balance and needs correction, and since each imbalance creates a pathological influence, (in Western terms a co-morbid condition), some degree of damp, heat, damp-heat, food stagnation, qi stagnation or blood stasis will be present and should be addressed.

Each person with PMDD is unique so the Shen/Ko imbalances will be present with different degrees of severity. The same is true of the co-morbid pathological influences.  All this must be analyzed prioritized and addressed – SIMULTANIOUSLY.  This is the nature of a Knotted Disease you cannot pull on one string (ie. address one pattern or symptom) and then pull on the next one because that will never untie the knot.

Donna’s Treatment and Outcome

I wrote Donna a customized formula that addressed all her issues simultaneously and conferred with her local acupuncturist on a treatment plan.  I want to stress the importance of the acupuncture treatments.  It is having both these tools working together that gets the fastest results.


First Cycle - Donna started her herbs on Day 1 of her menses and on Day 9 reported that beginning on Day 4 she felt a lessening of her symptoms though the back pain remained severe.

By Day 5 all symptoms continued to lessen, she had no breast pain and back pain was improved as well.  Day 7 – The final day of her blood flow she reported all symptoms were mild and there was still no breast pain.

On the firsts days of her cycle Donna had panic attacks as usual.  They stopped on Day 3 and overall she noticed she was more calm. Also her hunger was less extreme and, she reported she had none of her usual brown discharge.  Also her night sweats had also become mild and she was no longer getting up to urinate at night.  

“Can this be happening?” she asked me.  She was afraid to get her hopes up.

Second Cycle - Donna reported that all signs and symptom had improved and she felt able to recognize herself in the mirror again.  She confessed she was hesitant to say things were better for fear she would jinx it.  She expressed great hope and relief that she seemed to be really improving.

Donna takes detailed notes and laid out her menstrual cycle as follows.

Day 1 minimal cramps; Day 2 Severe cramps and fatigue; all other symptoms present but muted.  From Day 3 on her symptoms and pain remained moderate.   

In general she felt her mental health was greatly improved. She had enough energy to make plans and to do more on a daily basis.  Donna reported sleep continued to be challenging.

TCM Practitioner notes:  Donna’s tongue showed that qi and blood were returning however this increased the stagnation issue.  This is why acupuncture is so important it can address this piece of the puzzle and make more rapid adjustments.  I advised Donna that she and her local practitioner could establish which days of her cycle were the most critical for treatment.

3rd Cycle – When I asked how she was doing Donna replied, “I feel f***in’ Good!”  She was on Day 4 of her cycle and she had taken an average of 4 Advil a day. This was a great reduction from her old 16 Advil a day.

Symptoms were present but much less intense.  She felt like she had relatively normal PMS  and was having more normal levels of menstrual discomfort.

Donna described a few days scattered through the month when she rated her symptoms moderate to severe.  Her emotional issues were rated as severe on 3 days for anger/rage, 4 days for anxiety,  and 3 days for the ravenous hunger.

We discussed that deconstructing mental/emotional/behavioral habits that had developed over 25 years of just pushing through and surviving would be her next level of healing.  

Donna, always proactive, had stayed close to the cleanse diet she finished before starting the herbs.  We discussed how to rotate foods to allow variety.  She also was meditating daily and doing positive visualizations of herself enjoying life without PMDD.

As we ended our session Donna said, “Wow. This really is happening. I’m really feeling better.”

Moving forward from this point I will revise Donna’s formula to better address the anger, anxiety, and intense hunger issues and she will continue with acupuncture and her dedicated work to her own healing.


Moving Forward - Donna plans to start a blog to share her PMDD life experience with others. You can find her and at the link below.  


To All that Suffer - There is help.  You need a well-trained Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist.









Case Study: Treating PMDD with Chinese Medicine

A 44-year-old female patient, I will call her Sara, came to me with a diagnosis of PMDD (Pre-menstrual Dysphoric Disorder).   PMDD is a major depressive disorder that coincides with a woman’s menstrual cycle.  Symptoms usual begin two weeks prior to menses and are similar but more intense than PMS (Pre-menstrual Syndrome).  Most women have some symptoms and/or moodiness prior to menses however the  depression associated with PMDD is severe enough to push some women to suicide. 

When Sara arrived in my office she was not functioning in her daily life.   She could not work or leave her home three weeks out of the month.  As  a small business owner this had a very negative effect on her business and her financial situation.  She rated her stress level as “severe”.  She was skeptical but desperate and willing to try an alternative, holistic approach. 

Sara was diagnosed with PMDD at age 41, in addition to her debilitating depression her physical symptoms included “intense” headaches, painful breast and pain at specific points on her spine.  She reported feeling that her muscles were weak.   Her energy levels fluctuated from low to high, she did not sleep, and had frequent colds with a clear nasal discharge.  She was also “always” constipated.  She had managed with medications since her diagnosis but now the medications were no longer working.

A full history revealed a series of emotionally intense life events beginning as a small child and moving into early adulthood.  At 37 she was  diagnosed with  Bi-Polar Disorder and had taken Lithium and Wellbutrin regularly since that time.  She also used Zoloft as needed to help with sleep. 

Sara sat and spoke calmly but she had a marked constant tremor in her hands, and intermittent twitches in her spine that caused her head to jerk slightly.  I have seen this combination of symptoms before in people taking multiple psychotropic drugs to stabilize mood.  These are considered side-effects of these medications but they occur in people who also have the TCM diagnosis of Blood Defiency with Internal Wind. 

From the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective Bi-Polar Disorder results when an intense emotional shock produces great fear.  This intense fear creates imbalances in the body which show up as problems in digestive function, insomnia, fatigue, and numerous other symptoms.  

For TCM practitioners these symptoms signal the body’s function is in decline and needs to be corrected or conditions will worsen.  Over time insomnia unresolved will produce anxiety and then mania developes.  As the same time sleeplessness creates an ever deepening fatigue and from that Depression develops.  The body and the emotions teeter-totter back and forth between hyper and hypo functioning but can not find balance.  Everybody with a Bi-Polar diagnosis has this switching between high and low to some extent, for Sara it was very severe and needed medication.

Sadly, though Sara's medication stabilized her emotions, the underlying imbalances were not addressed and four years after she was diagnosed as Bi-Polar, she developed PMDD.  

The Chinese Medical Approach

Often PMDD is the first major diagnosis a woman receives and nobody explains that in the Western medical system the terms "disorder" or "syndrome" means we recognize your symptoms, but we can not locate the organic cause and therefore there is no treatment.   

Any women suffering with PMDD should understand you do not have an untreatable disease, you have a syndrome a predictable pattern of disfunction.   From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective the underlying causes of these dysfunction are well understood and easily treated by a well-trained practitioner.  

Note for TCM practitioners:  Overtime one imbalance had created another and then another in an interlocking cascade. Her Chinese diagnosis was:  Liver and Spleen Disharmony; Liver Qi and Blood Stagnation, Heart Blood Deficiency with Heat Harassing the Heart, Liver Blood Deficiency with Internal Wind, Spleen Yang/Qi Deficiency with Cold Damp Accumulating,  there was also Deficiency of  Lung Qi, Wei Qi, and both Kidney Yin and Yang Deficiency.  

In TCM when each disfunction, or imbalance, contributes to and is caused by two or more of the other patterns this is called a "knotted" disease.  A "knotted" disease requires a holistic approach because if only one or two imbalances are treated it is like pulling on only one string in a knot; the knot only tightens.  

Western medicine does work well with knotted diseases, or syndromes,  because biomedicine is not a system-based holistic,  approach. Using alternative herbal and dietary approaches can create improvement for a time, but after a while the positive effect wears off. 

TCM is the system that can address all the various symptoms while also addressing the root cause. 

This is what happened during Sara's treatment. 

Sara received acupuncture twice a week for two months.  She also took a Chinese Herbal Formula I wrote specifically for her.  Her Formula consisted of seventeen herbs and was designed to treat all her dysfunctions simultaneously with a focus on relieving her PMDD symptoms.   After her first acupuncture treatment Sara reported a marked shift in her mood and some improvement in her other symptoms.   

By her third acupuncture treatment Sara was on Day 6 of  her Menstrual Cycle and reported a change in her menstrual blood flow. Normally heavy on either Day 1 or Day 2, this cycle her flow was more even across all the days.  She also reported improvement in all her symptoms ranging  from "some" to "much" improvement. Sara reported her mental and emotional state was improved over the norm for the first week of her cycle. This improvement was due solely to acupuncture as Sara had not yet started her chinese herbal formula. 

Sara started her custom herbal formula and six days later, on Day 12 of her cycle, the trembling in her hands was improved and the twitching in her spine was completely resolved.  Sara happily reported her “wit and humor” were returning. Her energy had also improved and she had slept without the use of medication on a few occasions. 

On Day 16 of her menstrual cycle, about 16 days after beginning  treatment, Sara entered her PMDD zone time when her Depression affected her the most.   Sara did have some symptoms but reported she could function with effort which was an improvement.  Sara also reported sleeping through the night for the first time in “forever”.  Sara again said she felt much improved immediately after her acupuncture treatment. 

On Day 21 Sara reported she felt “perfect”, then on Day 22 PMS symptoms started.  PMS not PMDD, physical symptoms were not as severe and Sara was fatigued and moody but not depressed.   Sara  finished out her 28  day cycle without returning to her most severe symptoms.  

One month later, on Day 21 of her menstrual cycle Sara described herself as 75% operational.  Her energy was good, digestion fine, sleep varied. Her PMS symptoms were light, she had no depression.  Sara “knocked on wood” after expressing how good she felt. 

Day 28 - Sara was excited. She had done well “all week”. She could not believe she was back to work!  She had worked 8am - 5pm all week but noticed she fatigued easily. She also slept through the night, at times, without any sleep aids. Her headaches now responded to Advil. 

After two months of treatment with acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine Sara was no longer experiencing debilitating PMDD and had resumed normal activities.  We continued treatment at reduced levels to allow her body to continue to repair.  During this phase of treatment lifestyle changes and stress management strategies were added to consolidate her improved health.   

One year later Sara gets acupuncture twice a month and knows she can add herbs back into her health regime at times of high stress if needed.  She has been able to start a new business and recently began dating.  She remains on her Bi-Polar medication.

For further information on PMDD and PMDD and Acupunture

Effects and treatment methods of acupuncture and herbal medicine for premenstrual syndrome/premenstrual dysphoric disorder: systematic review - National Institute of Health

PMDD is Not Just Normal Moodiness - Pysch Central 

Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding

Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding is abnormal uterine bleeding not associated with tumor, inflammation, or pregnancy.  It is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning after your doctor has excluded any other cause for your excessive menstruation this is the diagnosis that remains.   Whether your menses is excessive in amount and duration (menorrhagia sometime called hypermenorrhea), or frequency (polymenorrhea) or you have mid-cycle, “break through”  bleeding (metrorrhagia) you will fall into this broad category. 

If you are having any of these problems after you have a proper check up with a Gynecologist you should know that correcting menstrual cycle abnormalities is easy work for those who are well trained in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.  

TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) uses herbs, and acupuncture to correct long term irregularities in a woman’s menses and we have a simple procedure that can stop or significantly slow-down acute bleeding or menorrhagia in a matter of minutes.  The protocol calls for moxibustion on a particular point bilaterally for 15 minutes and is given in conjunction with a full acupuncture treatment to address any other imbalances present. 

TCM considers any loss of blood or change in your menstrual cycle significant and has been successfully treating abnormal and dysfunctional bleeding for thousands of years.   I have successfully treated all of the types of bleeding listed above as well as painful menses and menopausal syndrome.   In fact all my female patients whatever issue brings them through the door will have improvement in PMS, cramping, clotting and any pain associated with their menses. 

Western bio-medicine has brilliant technology to scan for tumors, cysts and fibroids and can eliminate major medical risks.  However dysfunctional uterine bleeding has very limited western treatments and I have been referred patients from forward thinking gynecologists that want their patients to try herbs and acupuncture before using a surgical or hormonal solution.   

Recently a patient came to me after she found herself in the ER gushing blood for hours in a very frightening way.  She told me, like others have,  that she was sent home after being hydrated and told there wasn’t anything to be done beyond taking an iron supplement.  Her regular doctor followed up by putting her on a high dose of birth control, which is a standard approach, however this then caused an unusual and life-threatening blood clot.  The estrogen was halted and she began a course of blood thinners for three months.  

The potential for the blood thinners to cause additional uterine bleeding was a concern but clearly a blood clot was the greater threat.  I gave the patient a series of acupuncture treatments to stop the acute bleeding and reduce the threat of additional bleeding.  The treatments worked as expected and she was able to finish her course of blood thinners, while having several more cycles without further incident. 

If you have an acute (sudden/severe) case of uterine bleeding you will need to find a local practitioner of chinese medicine for acupuncture and moxibustion treatments.  If I am not local to you, and there is no practitioner in your area you can contact me via the form on this website or phone to discuss whether a customized herbal formula would be an appropriate approach for you. 


For more information  use the links below:

Treating Gynecological Disorders with Traditional Chinese Medicine: A review - PubMed

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Wiring Your Brain For Happiness

Recently science has proven that what you think actually creates the physical shape of your brain. Scientist now know that as a the brain fires off a neural sequence repeatedly over time, the brain cells involved wire together so the sequence can run more efficently.  The upside is this process of hard wiring in the brain helps the brain conduct routine business more efficiently, however the down side is that most people are not actively choosing how their brain, their life, is getting wired to operate. 

An example of an active use of this principle would be an athlete, or a piano player, who enhances his performance by visualizing the sequence he needs to perform.  The necessary brain wiring, or neural sequence, becomes stronger by thinking though the performance because the same neural pathways used to visualize it are used to perform it.

Given that the same thing happens with ALL your thoughts and feelings actively making choices about what you focus on starts to make a lot of sense.  If you are constantly stressed and overwhelmed your brain becomes wired to be very good at being stressed and overwhelmed.  It will then trigger the stress sequence in your body at the first thought of trouble, real or imagined.  

If you began thinking negative critical thoughts about yourself in puberty (and who didn't!) every day those thoughts have run through your mind unchallenged they have become more entrenched and more real.  Ever notice how that Critical Voice in your head speaks with absolute authority, those negative thoughts are deeply reinfored.  

Thousands of years ago the Sages of India knew this was how humans operated and their teachings are full of references to  “mental grooves”,  “patterned thinking” and "conditioned exsistance".  Liberation from this mindless, repeating of sequenced thoughts, behaviors, and/or actions is what meditation is meant to do. 

Beyond the science that supports the existance of "mental grooves", there is a  study out of China  that now shows the oldest brain exercise, meditation, remains the best for maintaining a positive outlook, off-setting stress, and keeping your brain “young” . 

Meditation not only can bring a person to a state of calm, it promotes a more positive outlook.  As time is spent in a calm, positive, state this is what becomes wired into the brain.  Each time you meditate your ability to mindfully, willfully, shake-off life's stresses and return to a state of ease grows stronger.

If you would like to give it a try, check out the free audio down loads of mediations at UCLA’s Mindfulness Research Center.   I recommend you start with the 5 minute Breathing Meditation or the 3 minute Loving Kindness Meditation.  

If sitting quietly watching your own breath sounds like science-fiction consider acupuncture treatment or yoga as a starting point.  If those options are not realistic, please read my post on practicing Gratitude and use that to get yourself moving in a positive direction. 

Or simple set the intention that you want a calm, more positive mind, and know that every mindful breath you take while holding that thought is a step in that direction. 

Acupuncture Proven Effective

Creating a study to properly measure the effectiveness of acupuncture has proven difficult because the gold standard, the double-blind random controlled study, was designed to test pharmaceuticals against a placebo/sugar pill.

There simply is no good way to "fake" an acupuncture treatment.  And even if sham acupuncture could be devised it would be impossible for the person administering the treatment to be "blind" to the knowledge of whether they were giving real acupuncture or sham acupuncture.

However, the tide is turning and different ways of approaching the need to scientifically prove the effectiveness of acupuncture are being found.  In a Georgetown University study, neuropeptide y (NPY) a protein associated with stress, was measured before and after acupuncture treatment.  Findings concluded an immediate and long lasting reduction in the protein measured.

The study is significant because once duplicated, acupuncture will be "scientifically" proven as a treatment for stress.  Since stress is a recognized precursor for so many more serious ailments there is hope that this scientific finding will open the door for a wider acceptance and use of this valuable therapy.

In the meantime, the US Military after performing it's own vigorous studies has recognized publicly the value of acupuncture and  introduced the therapy into both Veteran's Hospitals and combat settings.

Chinese Herbs versus Supplements

The medicinal herbs used in Chinese medicine are categorized as supplements by the Food and Drug Administration, and their production and distribution is overseen by this agency. Herbs are in this category because they, like supplements, are considered safe when taken as directed; so both are equally safe.

About ten years ago, “Bah Humbug!!” lost steam as an argument against alternative traditional medicine when statistics showed that people were spending billions of dollars for this kind of care. Now, Western medicine has begun to admit that there are things they don’t treat well, such as chronic pain, chronic diseases and disease prevention.

For some M.D.'s pharmaceutical grade supplements became the way to address these areas of shortcoming, however, the docs and others who recommend supplements still use a western approach. They still treat symptoms, not the root cause, and they still use a 'one size fits all' approach.  The result is people often take fists-full of expensive supplements with mediocre results.

A custom herbal formula is a customized supplement designed to treat both the symptoms and the root. It is designed specifically for the individual, and because of this, people should expect to feel an improvement within a week. One formula to treat your personal laundry list of issues.

Chinese herbs are safe, effective and have no side-effects.

Western doctors who warn against Chinese herbs do so because they do not understand how a medical system based on sticks 'n twigs, and roots 'n berries can work so well without side effects.