Chinese Herbs versus Supplements

The medicinal herbs used in Chinese medicine are categorized as supplements by the Food and Drug Administration, and their production and distribution is overseen by this agency. Herbs are in this category because they, like supplements, are considered safe when taken as directed; so both are equally safe.

About ten years ago, “Bah Humbug!!” lost steam as an argument against alternative traditional medicine when statistics showed that people were spending billions of dollars for this kind of care. Now, Western medicine has begun to admit that there are things they don’t treat well, such as chronic pain, chronic diseases and disease prevention.

For some M.D.'s pharmaceutical grade supplements became the way to address these areas of shortcoming, however, the docs and others who recommend supplements still use a western approach. They still treat symptoms, not the root cause, and they still use a 'one size fits all' approach.  The result is people often take fists-full of expensive supplements with mediocre results.

A custom herbal formula is a customized supplement designed to treat both the symptoms and the root. It is designed specifically for the individual, and because of this, people should expect to feel an improvement within a week. One formula to treat your personal laundry list of issues.

Chinese herbs are safe, effective and have no side-effects.

Western doctors who warn against Chinese herbs do so because they do not understand how a medical system based on sticks 'n twigs, and roots 'n berries can work so well without side effects.