Effective Formula Writing -

Use a “Chinese Thinking Cap”and a 360 Diagnosis to Get Rapid Results

$150 for 16 CEUs - Category 1 - CA Acupuncture Board Approved

Special $50 discount if enrolled by August 31th

Emperors College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Santa Monica, CA

September 8-9, 2012                   9:00am - 6:00pm


"Gave me much more confidence in writing formulas for my complex patients.  Candace clearly explained the steps to combine and customize classical formulas"

"This was so much more than a course on herbs - well worth the investment!"

"The class reminded me I do have the knowledge and showed me how to apply it. I need more practice when is  Formula Writing II?

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Most Practitioners have a barrier between knowledge and  application that has never been addressed. The problem is Western Science and Eastern Medicine are based on distinctly different types of logic.  As Westerners we attempt to use deductive reasoning, a linear logic, to practice a Medical system based on inductive reasoning, a more circular logic. This does not work well.

This seminar covers the concepts of right- brain intelligence, the logic behind intuition.  It is the right-brain that views experiences and information as they relate to one another in a cohesive manner and supplies what seems an instantaneous answer.  Culturally the Chinese are much better right brained thinkers than Westerners.

An effective formula will reliably and predictably shift the tongue and pulse in 3- 4 days; a patients symptoms will begin to respond in a week.

To get results like this you must learn to think like Chinese Physicians.

You must deconstruct your own Western conditioning that wrongfully assumes the logic which put man on the moon is superior to the logic which allowed us to survive as a species.  You must understand the practical reasons for meditating and coming to know your own Shen.

We will review Chinese theory, time- tested strategies, and the patho-mechanics of TCM using what I call a Chinese Thinking Cap.  Thinking like this  you will expect to see multiple patterns existing simultaneously in a patient and use these to craft  a diagnosis so comprehensive you can predict what symptoms the patient had in the past and how the pattern will unfold in the future.

Chinese Herbal Medicine rewards precision in  diagnosis.  And diagnosis is the one thing you cannot look up in a book.  Once you learn how to reach diagnosis I will teach you a straightforward, systematic, logical path to an effective formula.

This is easier than you think; you already have the educational foundation - it's just a matter of thinking like a Chinese physician and connecting the dots between all the knowledge you already have.

Bring confusing cases, clinical puzzles that need decoding, and your favorite reference materials.  We will work as many examples as time permits.

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In The Works . . . 

Effective Formula Writing II - 8 hrs CEU - Building on first course we will continue to hone the ability to think like a Chinese Physician through case reviews, writing formulas and deconstructing formulas of both classic and current herbal masters.

Cultivating Shen - 8 hrs CEU - Techniques utilized for millennium to enhance both intuition and subtle awareness will be discussed and explored. This will include  include yoga, breath and meditation techniques you can share with your patients.




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