Hello and welcome.  My patients find I treat them in a highly individualized manner to address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual concerns - simultaneously.  The body-mind connection is now scientifically proven, and this is a good time to emphasize that in Chinese Medicine the body, mind and spirit have always been treated as an integrated whole. 


As a licensed and board certified  practitioner of  Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine I use acupuncture, personalized herbal formulas, and  advise on diet/nutrition in a traditional style.  Also traditionally qi gong, or yoga and meditation techniques which balance body, mind and spirit were also prescribed and I will make suggestions as needed. 

Twenty years of yoga practice, self study and meditation has infused in me an understanding of Yoga and Buddhist Philosophy.  I use this understanding when necessary to  offer life guidance and give a patient's mind new ideas to consider.  Depak Chopra has said that information or knowledge has it's own organizing power.  I have found new perspectives about very old human problems have positive effects. 

With my approach I successfully treat, insomina, anxiety, depression, fatigue, memory confusion, 
abnormal menstral bleeding, nausea, metabolic discorders, irritable bowel, miscellanious rashes, menopausal syndrome and various acute and chronic pain.