Hello and welcome to One Spirit.  My patients find I treat them in a highly individualized manner to address physical, emotional, mental and spiritual concerns - simultaneously.  The body-mind connection is now scientifically proven, and this is a good time to empathsize that in Chinese Medicine, as in all Eastern thought, these parts of yourself where never considered to be separate.

Chinese Medicine -As a licensed and board certified  practitioner of  Chinese Medicine I design personalized herbal formulas, utilize acupuncture, advise on diet/nutrition, and recommend qi gong, yoga or meditation techniques which balance your body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Philosophy - After 20 years of yoga practice, training and meditation, I have a philosophical understanding of the human condition as complex as modern psychology.  I often work in tandem with therapist when a person's progress has stalled.

Best Care Is My Goal - I will refer out anybody that needs a western medical work-up or will be better served with a different approach.